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Animal products, furs,etc

3 Carved ivory figural napkin ring, peacocks

Item number: ANI23092300

Price: $250 each

This is a lovely antique figural napkin ring c1880 made of ivory. There are 5 peacocks that run around the outside.

The detail is excellent. See photos. I had to take some without a flash so exposed the details.

I do not know the precise origin of this item.

It is ivory as opposed to bone which has small black spots corresponding to blood vessels. I also checked it is not made of vegetable fat or plastic by doing the hot needle test.

This figural napkin ring is in excellent condition.  I have just washed it in warm soapy water.

There are no issues with this item.

Please look at the photos (which form part of the description) and ask any questions if you have any concerns.


Picture 003_0.jpg  

Picture 001_0.jpg

large antique carved ivory salad servers (spoon and fork)

Item number: ANI05101451

Price: $400

This is a superb antique fork and spoon salad serving set made/carved from ivory (not bone). The spoon and fork are beautifully shaped and decorated...see photos. They are quite large, measuring about 31 cms in length, or over one foot in the old scale.

antique ivory/horn napkin ring 

Item number: ANI27060037

Price: $150

This is a lovely antique Victorian napkin ring cut from a bone or horn or ivory; I think later. It use to have 2 9ct gold strips running around the ring. There are holes in the ring with 9ct gold plugs, and you can see where the gold rings went around. It is a good size.

In very good to excellent condition. No monograms. Add your name to this.

Please look at the photos (which form part of the description) and ask any questions if you have any concerns. Sorry, photos are a bit unfocused. It has a creamier colour than in photos. rare to find napkin rings like this, as they were specifically made for someone, maybe a hunter.

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