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Chinaware: wembley ware, china, cups, plates, etc

china 064_0.jpg

Wembley Ware seal ashtray

Item number: 13110820

Price: $195

This is another Wembley ware highly-collectable ashtray with a seal on an iceberg. It measures about 12 cms x 9 cms, and 8.5 cms high, and has the typical glaze and colour variations you come to expect from Wembley ware. The seal is gilded (real gold) although it looks blue-ish in the photograph. In excellent condition, but with a little wear on the gilt on the seal. A stunning little ashtray.

china 078_0.jpg

Stunning Wembley Ware horse ashtray

Item number: 07112359

Price: $185

This is one of those magnificant Wembley Ware ashtrays you may have seen at the recent display at the WA Museum. It has a horse standing up, and is gilded (yes with real gold) on the horse, rests and along the bottom, as can be seen in the photograph. It is a large ashtray and a stunning piece to display. It maesures 15.5 cms x 12.5 cms and stands nearly 13 cms high. If you smoke the horse is also useful to carry the ashtray without getting your hands too close to the rubbish. It is in excellent condition. It is not labelled on the bottom, but is definitely Wembley...some pieces were never labelled but had a sticker on them, right in the middle of the ashtray may I add, so as soon as you may use it the label is lost. The colour is much creamier than shown in the photo.


large Wembley Ware gilded horse ashtray

Item number: CHI29082053

Price: $285

A stunning large Wembley Ware ashtray with a gilded horse. The ashtay is 17 x 13 x 11 cms high. I have another ashtray like this, different colours, under "ornamental".

photo 032_0.jpg

Wembley ware lustre vase

Item number: 08022010

Price: $85

A small Wembley lustre vase...stands 14.5 cms very good condition...bit dirty inside (been used). Also have V-43 inscibed on bottom.

pics 008_0.jpg

Large Wembley Ware serving dish, Rabbit design

Item number: 13110804

Price: $165

This is a large Wembley Ware serving dish in the rabbit, lettuce and tomato style. These serving dishes are quite collectable as is most Wembley ware. The plate is approximately 28 cms x 27 cms and would be great for serving. The rabbit stands 14 cms high and doublews up nicely as a handle. There is a hairline fracture in the plate running from an edge in front of the rabbit, but no chips. The crack can be hidden with a bit of bleach and the plate can also be repaired. The price makes allowance for this slight damage. This piece would otherwise be much more expensive.

photo 134_0.jpg

2 small Wembley Ware jugs

Item number: CHI29031513

Price: $60

2 Art Deco Wembley Ware jugs, measuring 11 and 8.5 cms in height. Lovely pastel pink and blue. The pink-peachy one has some glaze absences from manufacture...not chipped.

photo 029_0.jpg

Magnificant VICTORIAN c1880 porcelain china trios (6) plus cake plate

Item number: 14111433

Price: $375

This is a magnificant VICTORIAN 6 trio set plus a cake place, with a lovely light blue coloured pattern. The stamp on the bottom says B A J & sons England. The set is made from a fine china (porcelain) and is embossed and gilded. They are in excellent condition.

30th sept 2005 008_0.jpg

Coalport trio, with cherubs, 'Revelry'

Item number: 23101629

Price: $40

eight available

Coalport (a very famous name in chinaware) trio, consisting of a cup, saucer and sandwich/cake plate. The design is called "Revelry" and is decorated with cherubs. Has gilding on edges of saucer and plate, and on top, bottom and handle of cup.

We actually have eight of these trios in all. Buy as many as you want.

2 trios sold, so 6 left

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