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Clocks & Watches

photo 008_0.jpg

Classic antique cast iron Ansonia (NY) clock

Item number: 29121720

Price: $1200

This is a late nineteenth century cast iron Ansonia mantle clock. Ansonia clocks are made in New York and is recognised as one of the world's best clockmakers. In great working order with a lovely chime. I have the key for this clock.  This is an absolutely lovely classic cloak...measures 38 cms (wide) by 31 cms high.

photo 007_0.jpg

Stunning 19th century Ansonia mantle clock c1880 Royal Bonn China

Item number: 29121730

Price: $750 OFFERS!!

This is an Ansonia clock (made in the USA) but encased in a very ornate china shell made for it by Royal Bonn China Germany. This is a fantastic clock but has a couple of faults. For starters I do not have a key and pendulum, although you often find these items and most keys fit most clocks. I might even have a key somewhere. Secondly one of the clock's legs is broken (but not missing). It can be glued back and restored. There was a chap in Perth who use to repair china like this professionally for around $100. I might even be able to relocate this person through a friend for the buyer. I am selling this clock as is. Restored it is a $1750 clock. Beautifully hand painted and gilded.

photo 149_0.jpg

photo 151_0.jpg

rare Staffordshire pocket watch holder

Item number: CLO09071100

Price: $275

A lovely and rare Staffordshire pocket watch holder. When one puts their pocket watch into the pocket this becomes a clock. These pocket watch stands use to fetch big money not long ago but are not so popular now...they will be popular again in time. Occasionally you still see big prices paid for them on hundreds of dollars, even if badly broken. What I find particularly interesting about these items is the fact that they are a poor-man's version of a clock. The china stand stands about 32 cms tall. It is in very good condition in that there are no broken parts of chips, but there are some long cracks, which is quite common with these stands.



lovely glazed chine german mantle clock

Item number: CLO17072313

Price: $150

This is a lovely decorative clock marked made in Germany on the back of the brass cased clock. the china is lustre glazed like Wembley Ware, consists of two birds on either side with flowers, with lovely colours. the china is also marked but I cannot make out what it says. The item (clock and surrounds) is about 27 ms wide and 17 cms tall. Looks just beautiful on the mantle. In excellent condition.

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