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Conditions of sale

"BUY IT NOW" (at the sale price) or "MAKE AN OFFER"

We appreciate that some people like to barter, so we have two options: "buy now", or "make an offer".

If you choose the "buy now" option, you are assured of getting the item (so long as your email is the first to arrive).  In this case, we will notify you, and hold the item exclusively just for you to inspect/buy by 6pm the coming Sunday, and the item will be marked as SOLD on my website, although you do not have to buy the item when you come to see it. 

If you "make an offer", the same rules apply, but the item is not marked as SOLD on the website, and we will consider other offers. If an offer comes in which is higher than yours, we will notify you.  Crazy offers are unlikely to be accepted so please don't waste your time or mine.


It's easy.

If you want to buy any item (or make an offer), you just click on the associated "BUY NOWor MAKE AN OFFER" link. This will automatically stake you to the contact page where it tells you want to do. The contact/email us button will open up an email in your preferred mailer. You will need to go back on the page showing teh item yopu are interested in and cut and paste it into your email so we know hat you are talking about. the item number is particularly important.

If you want to make an offer, do as above, but include a statement like, "I wish to offer $x" in the comments section of the form. 

If you are successful, we will notify you as soon as possible by return email.

Please only make an offer if you are serious about the possibility of buying the item. We do not expect you to necessarily  buy the item, when you come to inspect it, but we do expect a very strong underlying commitment.  Please, no 'sight-see-ers'. We also reserve the right to reject any offers at any time.


Once a 'possibility of sale' has been established (by our return email), you are obliged to come and see your intended purchase by 6pm of the coming Sunday unless it is almost that time, in which case it will be the Sunday of the following week.  We are located in Bassendean, just 8 miles east of the GPO Perth, along Guildford Road.  If you fail to come and see your item by the prescribed time, the item will be put up for sale again, and we are unlikely to sell to you in the future. At the time of viewing, a mutual contract (or sale) is established by the exchange of goods and money, so long as the item meets to your satisfaction. 

All sales are cash and carry, unless other arrangements are made beforehand. I do not accept cheques. Direct bank deposit or Paypal are suitable means for payment by interstate and interenational buyers. We do not have facilities for eftpos or credit cards.


All items are sold 'as is'. Obviously some of the items are old and may have 'faults', or require further work. In some cases, we are specifically offering items with faults for restoration. We have endeavored to point out all reasonable faults and short-comings of any items for sale that are apparent to us. It is not in our interest to try to deceive you. 

We have endeavored to describe all items honestly, and to the best of our knowledge, but, as you can appreciate, it is difficult to be an expert in everything. We are, like you, constantly learning. We do not accept full responsibility for items not correctly described, as a result of ignorance. The onus  is also upon you to make judgements about the authenticity of the item when completing the purchase, just as you would when buying something from a garage sale. 

You should appreciate that we are giving you a lot more information about the items for sale (on the website) than you would generally get at most antique shops in Perth, who usually just whack a price tag on the item, sometimes with a brief description like, "old wooden box", and the assistant in the store knows nothing about the item. We are happy to answer any questions, before or after you submit an offer.  You can email us, or phone us on 9378 1611.


If you do not need to see the item you wish to buy, in the flesh, as it were, we are able to post it out to you (at your expense of course). Within Western Australia it may actually be cheaper (in your time and petrol) to have the item posted to you instead of driving out here, not that we are that far away. You can post up to 20 kgs anywhere in Western Australia for about $10. We are happy to give you an estimate of postage and handling if requested by you. Posted items must be prepaid by direct bank deposit (this can be done on the Internet), by sending a money order through the post, or by Paypal.

We accept returns for posted items, and a full refund will be given, if the item is not as described. The buyer however pays for the return postage charges. We also have access to a small ute and we are able to deliver larger items (like furniture) if you are unable to transport them yourself.  Our rate is very reasonable. You can ask us for a quote.