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Samobor crystal ships decanter

Item number: 181658

Price: $225

Stunning ship's decanter (called so because of the wide base) made in Yugoslavia with 26% PbO. In as new condition. Looks like it has never been used. Oroginal sticker from Witchcraft Applecross still in bottom. Stands 27 cms tall, with a base diameter of 20 cms. Has a nice weight to it.

photo 071_0.jpg

Crystal bowl with silver-plated lid (Art Deco ?)

Item number: 07122121

Price: $95

A nice cut crystal bowl with a silver-plated lid. I am not sure about the age of may be from the Art Deco period, it may be newer, or older, even Edwardian. The bowl (with lid) stands 14 cms high and has a diameter of 14 cms.

photo 001_0.jpg

Crystal dressing table set

Item number: 25121833

Price: $195

A stunning crystal dressing table set with tray, lidded trinket 'box;, ring tree, and vase. the size of the tray is 31 cms x 20.5 cms, and the height of the vase is 15 cms.

photo 004_0.jpg

7 piece Bohemia crystal wine set, AS NEW

Item number: 12022036

Price: $160

A Bohemia 7 piece crystal wine set consisting of a Carafe and 6 glasses, beautifully cut and of good weight. The carafe stands 28 cms tall and the glasses just over 13 cms tall.

In their original box, never been used.

photo 033_0.jpg

Cut crystal flower/candy basket

Item number: 07030747

Price: $95

A stunning cut crystal basket, standing nearly 14 cms high and 15.5 cms long

photo 041_0.jpg

Cut crystal footed bowl

Item number: 07030808

Price: $125

A nice 3-footed crystal cut bowl, standing 10.5 cms high with a diameter of 19.5 cms. In excellent condition, with nice weight.

photo 068_0.jpg

Brandy or Port crystal decanter

Item number: CRY24031649

Price: $150

A superb crystal brandy or port decanter. Intricately cut with a waistline. Stands 24 cms tall. In excellent condition.


Swedish crystal glass decanter lovely design stopper

Item number: CRY27082030

Price: $140

This is a stunning crystal decanter with stopper...I believe it is Swedish crystal from its design.

It is in mint chips.

The decanter stands about 25 cms tall, has a square-ish rounded base with a mushroom design top. It is very heavy for size...made of high quality crystal.

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