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colonial jarrah washstand

Item number: FUR03051535

Price: $2500

West Australian colonial jarrah washstand

This is a superb West Australian colonial full jarrah washstand. Very similar to the ones found in the Lord McAlpine collection. West Australian colonial furniture is the rarest colonial furniture in the world. The washstand is in very original condition and is made from select large pieces of jarrah. The size of the washstand is 107 cms wide x 51 cms deep x 90 cms tall. It is a good sized washstand and could well be used as a small desk.


colonial Victorian blackwood pedestal chess/wine table

Item number: FUR03051547

Price: $950

colonial blackwood chess/wine table

This is a stunning original blackwood turned pedestal cheass/wine table with an inlaid chess board on the oval top. The table is of a good size. It stands about 68 cms tall. The oval top is about 63.5 cms x 44 cms. It is in very good original condition.


large magnificant early colonial cedar chiffonier sideboard, c1870

Item number: FUR28040004

Price: $8500

large magnificant early colonial cedar chiffonier sideboard
in origin condition
excellent investment piece

This cedar sideboard is absolutely stunning and in excellent aged untouched original condition. Still with its original finish and patina, it has lovely frieze work on each end, shaped drawers (with a hole cut out for ease of using them). The backboard is made from one piece of cedar (some 1.8 metres by 650 mm). The top bench is also huge, with an area of 205 cms by 55 cms. The bench is about 97 cms from the ground. The chiffonier sideboard has 4 corbels, with simple but elegent beading on the doors and around the backboard. It also comes with its original key. The sideboard chiffonier is beautifully proportioned and would look fantastic in a period home. I believe it is c1870 or thereabouts. Fine colonial cedar furniture is difficult to find in Perth, and this would have to be one of the best sideboard chiffioniers I have ever seen. It would have belonged to someone very important in society at the time, someone like Charles Harper from Woodbridge.

Overall the cedar chiffonier sideboard is about  205 cms wide, stands about  165 cms tall, and is about  56 cms deep. It has a huge storage area in the cupboards below, and presents a huge area on the bench to display your finest antiques which will be complimented by the  lovely warm glow of old Australian red cedar.  At the moment, because people are being squeazed by mortgages, and colonial furniture like this is quite cheap (my price). When the market picks up, you will be looking at paying $15,000-$20,000 for a piece like this. This is by all means a superb investment which you will enjoy and find very useful.

PS The right hand cuboard door has a secret drawer inside.

furniture 013_0.jpg

furniture 009_1.jpg

STUNNING Australian Art Deco round table c 1920

Item number: 23102052

Price: $750

Lovely Australian Art Deco circular table. I am not sure of the type of wood it is made from. It looks like cedar, but is not traditional red cedar. It may be what is called white cedar or maple.

This table is in the classic Art Deco style with a turned central pedestal and a circular base. In excellent condition for it's age, still with most of its original finish. Some damage to the finish on top (my fault, ironing clothes), but overall very good condition. The top is 1.2 m diameter (close to 4 feet). Great for dining, or playing cards. The table stuck me because it has a very very flat top, whereas most other old tables have some warping.


Picture 043_1.jpg

Magnificant gilt framed Wall Mirror

Item number: 24101737

Price: $600

This must be one of the most stunning reproduction wall mirrors I have ever seen. Very ornate and in excellent pristine condition, without any chips whatsoever. Overall the mirror with frame measures 102 cms x 88 cms. The frame itself is enormous and breathtaking. At its thinnest point the frame is 18.5 cms thick. Take a good look at the corners and the detail. You will not find a more ornate mirror than this. Some antique shops sell mirrors this size with 'thin' frames for this price or more.


FURN 002_0.jpg

late Victorian wine table

Item number: 03111512

Price: $200

This is a late Victorian elegant mahogany wine table. It is in original good condition for its age...may need a slight sand and polish. It measures 58 cms tall. Wine tables are hard to find/RARE because only the rich had them, and many were thrown away when they broke.

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