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Glassware, art glass, murano glass, pressed glass, depression glass, etc

photo 185_0.jpg

Spectacular rare blue glass float bowl

Item number: GLA28072301

Price: $600

This is a rare blue (green and amber are quite common) depression glass float bowl with frog and fish centrepiece. The glass is actually uranium glass as well...glows fluoro green under UV light. I actually have a special category for uranium glass alone. All three grass elements in this spectacular piece are in exceptional condition. the diameter of the bowl is about 29 cms.

photo 013_0.jpg

photo 014_0.jpg

Unusual vintage multiple stem glass decanter

Item number: 14021146

Price: $235

A most unusual vintage pinched decanter with 5 channels going to the bottom. It is clear glass, filled with green fluid. Stands 24 cms high. It has an Art Nouveau feel to it.

me 055_0.jpg

Victorian silver mounted red/amber glass decanter/ wine jug with stopper

Item number: 18110753

Prices: $195

This is a magnificant Victorian EP silver mounted rich amber-red glass decanter/ wine jug with stopper. It stands 22.5 cms high and is in exceptional condition.

photo 076_0.jpg

Art Deco Pyrex cooking & serving dish with lid

Item number: 08120008

Price: $110

This is one of my favourite glassware items I have for sale. It is simple Art Deco but majestic at the same time, and so useful. It also releases a slight yellowish glow from the edges (where the glass is at its thickest) in normal light and in UV may or may not contain a touch of uranium. The size of the dish is 18 x 21.5 x 13 cms (high, top of lid). It is in excellent condition. Can be used for cooking and serving.

GW14Oct2005 074_0.jpg

Green glass decanter

Item number: 23100834

Price: $60

Tall elegant green glass bulb-shaped decanter with stopper, 37 cms tall.

GW14Oct2005 073_0.jpg

Depression frosted green decanter and 5 matching glasses, AF

Item number: 23100951

Price: $95

(AF=as found) The bottle is chipped on the top lip, but still a functional item. The bottle stands 24.5 cms tall, and the glasses are 7.5 cms. Made of lovely depression green glass with frosting and gilded (gold) circular decorations. A lovely little set, hard to find.

G&W7Oct2005 003_1.jpg

Large green glass jug vase

Item number: 23101000

Price: $90

This is an outstanding green glass vase in the shape of a bulb jug with clear glass handle, and swirlling glass effects throughout. The awirlling glass gives a diamond effect when viewed from side on. Stands 27 cms tall and 19 cms wide. A very beautiful piece of glass with lovely colour and patterning.

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