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Large 22-24 ct GOLD PLATED and DIAMENTE LEAF BROOCH stunning!!

Item number: JEW05080021

Price: $60

This is a lovely gold plated (looks like 22 or 24 ct gold plate LEAF/FERN SHAPED brooch decorated with excellent condition...see photos. The brooch is nearly 7 cms long (that is close to 3 inches; it is big) and is absolutely stunning. The detail is superb. Photo does not do it justice.

photo 122_0.jpg

large 22-24 ct Gold plated brooch

Item number: JEW14041824

Price: $30

A lovely gold-plated (would be 24 ct gold I think) brooch badge, or scarf clip. It's design suggests some sort of symbolic significance but there are no markings on it. I refer in particular to the two crossed rings and the wreaths. It is nearly 3.5 cms long. This brooch is clip-on, as opposed to the pin type.

photo 047_0.jpg

22-24 ct gold plated brooch with pearls and white stones

Item number: JEW20111945

Price: $40

A lovely gold-plated (with 22 or 24 ct) brooch with 2 pearls and three white diamond/diamonte stones. Measures 4.5 cms across. Stylish, elegant, and pretty.

photo 043_0.jpg

Lovely 22-24 ct gold-plated circular brooch/ scarf clip, made  by Liebe USA

Item number: 20111616

Price: $30

Lovely gold-plated circular brooch, or scraf clip, made by Liebe USA, with diameter approx. 4 cms. This brooch is clip-on, as opposed to the pin type.

photo 123_0.jpg

yellow metal gold ribbon brooch

Item number: JEW14041832

Price: $30

A lovely gold-plated (much shinier than in photo, possibly 22 ct) ribbon design brooch....6.5 cms long.

Picture 007_0.jpg

lovely gold plated pendant with real pearls

Item number: 13071618

Price: $60

This is a lovely heavily gold

plated coral or flower design pendant with 3 real pearls. It is about 2.5 cms x 2.5 cms.

photo 054_0.jpg

24 ct gold plated orchid pendant with stering silver chain

Item number: JEW15041019

Price: $50

A stunning orchid pendant plated with 24 ct pure gold plate. The chain is sterling silver, marked 925, gold plated, but not as bright as the pendant. The pendant is about 4 cms long.

photo 060_0.jpg

22 ct gold plate orchid brooch

Item number: JEW15041024

Price: $35

An orchid brooch plated with 22 ct gold....some of the palting has come off around the middle and needs to be repaired, hence price.

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