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Please Note. Gold prices and silver prices can affect prices listed greatly, so they are probably constantly going up. re-check with me on price.

antique rolled gold love heart locket pendant

Item number: JEW05080021

Price: $150

Magical Valentine's Day gift.

Love heart locket pendant which opens. Can put something inside, eg photos or a keepsafe. Consistently tests as over 12 ct gold, but I am quite sure it is rolled gold, even though the hook of the pendant is marked 375 (9ct). Weighs about 1.4 gms. The chain was previously included in the sale but has been withdrawn now.

ladies wedding/engagement/valentine's 9 ct gold & diamond ring size O 1/2. US 7.5

Item number: JEW14041824

Price: $250 (when gp 2770)

Small brilliant cut diamond in middle ~0.07 ct. Diamond diameter 2.5 mm. It's the thought that counts. Big diamonds are for show-offs.

Looks like white gold. Tests consistently as 14 ct but marked 375 which is 9 ct gold. It looks like white gold. I did not think white gold was achievable at 9 ct, but maybe they add more Nichol so it is a mystery unless the ring has been plated with platinum since it was made to make my gold tester read a higher value. It's weight is 1.31 gms.

I have a RS MIZAR M24 professional Gold Tester.

Make a great valentine's day gift, or a simple non-extravagant engagement ring, of a re-affirmation ring.

This could change your luck with your partner.

I'll throw the case in. Clean up with a clothes brush. 

photo 047_0.jpg

22-24 ct gold plated brooch with pearls and white stones

Item number: JEW20111945

Price: $40

A lovely gold-plated (with 22 or 24 ct) brooch with 2 pearls and three white diamond/diamonte stones. Measures 4.5 cms across. Stylish, elegant, and pretty.

photo 043_0.jpg

Lovely 22-24 ct gold-plated circular brooch/ scarf clip, made  by Liebe USA

Item number: 20111616

Price: $30

Lovely gold-plated circular brooch, or scraf clip, made by Liebe USA, with diameter approx. 4 cms. This brooch is clip-on, as opposed to the pin type.

photo 123_0.jpg

yellow metal gold ribbon brooch

Item number: JEW14041832

Price: $30

A lovely gold-plated (much shinier than in photo, possibly 22 ct) ribbon design brooch....6.5 cms long.

Picture 007_0.jpg

lovely gold plated pendant with real pearls

Item number: 13071618

Price: $60

This is a lovely heavily gold

plated coral or flower design pendant with 3 real pearls. It is about 2.5 cms x 2.5 cms.

photo 054_0.jpg

24 ct gold plated orchid pendant with stering silver chain

Item number: JEW15041019

Price: $50

A stunning orchid pendant plated with 24 ct pure gold plate. The chain is sterling silver, marked 925, gold plated, but not as bright as the pendant. The pendant is about 4 cms long.

photo 060_0.jpg

22 ct gold plate orchid brooch

Item number: JEW15041024

Price: $35

An orchid brooch plated with 22 ct gold....some of the palting has come off around the middle and needs to be repaired, hence price.

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