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photo 002_0.jpg

Large Art Deco green glass depression jar

Item number: 30111854

Price: $85

This is a large Art Deco depression glass jar with a bakelite lid, in as new condition. The glass has a lovely soft shimmery look to it as can be seen in the photograh. The jar stands about 22.5 cms tall, and is very collectable. Would look great in an old kitchen environment.


Cream and red bakelite 3 tier cake box

Item number: 30111943

Price: $150

This is a three tier cream and red bakelite cake, biscuit and scones box from the 1940's I think. The set stands 31.5 cms tall with a diameter of 24 cms.

They are made by NALLY Australia (marked underneath each container). The various containers stack on top of each other, and can be interchanged, or used as one or two, or three of course. Sadly the label for biscuits is part missing (I have the last "s" inside one of the containers), and the missing bits have been nicely painted on with oil paint. There are no chips, cracks or breaks in the bakelite. There is a bit of dust on the lid from sitting around. I did not clean it for the photo.

Previous items like this (in green and cream) have sold on ebay for about $150, plus postage on top. This is however a much nicer red and cream retro deco set.

photo 005_0.jpg

old Persinware kitchen scales

Item number: 30112006

Price: $60

These are old Persinware kitchen scales, probably from the 1950's, weighing up to 14 lbs or 6 kgs. they are in good working order, just need a good clean. They stand 21 cms tall.

photo 006b_0.jpg

Vintage Culinary persinware kitchen scales with bowl

Item number: 30112013

price: $75

These are old Culinary Persinware kitchen scales, Made in Australia, weighing up to 4 lbs in units of 1/2 oz. They are from the 1930's and work well, just need a bit of a clean like the others I have for sale. They stand 21 cms tall (not including the bowl), and come with a yellow bowl shown in photograph. Thety are in very good condition and would look great in an old kitchen environment.

photo 009_0.jpg

photo 008b_0.jpg

Lovely 19th century glazed mixing bowl

Item number:30112027

Price: $275 NFS atm

This is a wonderful large pottery mixing bowl which has been glazed inside with a lovely rich butter yellow colour. Items like this are very hard to find and in such good condition. I believe it dates to about 1880-1890. The bowl stands 18 cms tall and has a diameter of 40 cms. That is a big bowl. A bowl like this would fit very nicely into Woodbridge (the National Trust House in West Midland). I think I may have considerably underpriced this. I had two and one sold in a couple of days. I have one left, and I am using it at the moment. 


RARE enamel slurp

Item number: 30112244

Price: $75

This is an old enamel slurp...I think that's what it is called. I also think it was used to pour stuff into (like oils and fats) and allow the liquid to drain through the bottom later. Hey, that can be handy. It measures about 18 cms high and the little 'willy' is solid metal. This is a very unusual and rare item...I have not seen one before now. I think it is from the 1930's. It is in very good condition, just need a good is not stained.

photo 041_0.jpg

Krups kitchen scales with dish

Item number: 01121556

Price: $75

This is a set of Krups kitchen scales weighing up to 25 lbs by 2 oz. It is made of metal with a plastic weighing dish.

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