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Office & Study

photo 018_1.jpg

Pair VINTAGE/ANTIQUE carved rosewood bust bookends with glass eyes and ivory (?) teeth

Item number: 18111559

Price: $350

Two of the most amazing old vintage bookends I have ever seen. You could also consider or use them as two carved busts. They are made of rosewood and the detail in them in phenomenal; they have glass eyes and teeth. I'll let the photograph tell the story. They are in very good condition for their age. They are definitely old, just not sure how old, may well be Victorian. They stand about 18 cms tall. You will never see something like this again.

pics 009_0.jpg

pics 011_0.jpg

STUNNING Victorian brass double inkwell set with gallery

Item number: 18111620

Price: $275

This is a stunning Victorian inkwell set made of brass....someone must have spent some time polishing it. It is fitted with a gallery and sits on 4 ball feet. The tray is 21 cms x 9.5 cms, and 5 cms tall (top of gallery). The inkwells need some work...they need to be rescrewed to the main of brass well tubs is also split and one has a hole in it. This inkwell set came from an antique shop in Subiaco which closed down. The price tag on this was $1100. It is still there.My price is very reasonable.

pics 006_0.jpg

Art Deco Marble Inkwell with blotter, unusual

Item number: 18111612

Price: $265

This is a stunning art deco inkwell made of brown and black marble. It has a groove for an ink pen (I have some for sale somewhere too) and also comes with its own blotter, if that is what it is called. The inkwell is 14 x 14.5 cms...8.5 cms high. The blotter is 13 x 6.5 cms....7 cms high if you include the curved rubber bit. I've opened the lid (looks much tidier closed) to show you the glass bowl inside. This would give your office (desk) a nice period look and feel.

This inkwell came out of an antique shop that closed down. the price tag they had on it was over $1000, no kidding.

photo 005_0.jpg

photo 002_0.jpg

Glass or crystal paperweight in shape of owl or cat

Item number: 27111725

Price: $25

Crystal(?) paperweight in the shape of an owl or cat (?). Stands about 7 cms high.

photo 003_0.jpg

Small glass paperweight with flower

Item number: 27111728

Price: $40

A small glass paperweight with a flower inside....quite stunning. About 5 cms high.

photo 001_0.jpg

Large glass paperweight with flower inside

Item number: 27111731

Price: $45

A large glass paperweight with a purple flower inside and some catured air bubles. Very nice. Stands about 7 cms high. Shows a little age as there are some surface knocks on it.

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