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photo 024_0.jpg

Bronze bust American Indian

Item number: 09020018

Price: $645

A magificant bronze bust of an American red Indian...I think this is little horn, based on the little horn sticking out of the head. It is hollow inside but still weights a ton, as one expects of a bronze. It is beautifully made...very detailed and polished. The statue stands 36.5 cms high.

photo 027_0.jpg

photo 028_0.jpg

Very large old glass bottle, rare find

Item number: 08022323

Price: $300

This must be the biggest bottle I have ever seen. It is also full of lrage air bubbles in the glass and has some beautiful deformaties in the glass. Would be a fantastic decoration in a room. One could even grow a plant inside or fill it with different coloured liquids from time ti time. Stands about 51 cms tall with a diameter of about 35 cms. An absolutely magnificant bottle. I am not sure about the age of the bottle (looks rather old) or what it was used for. My rough calculations suggest it can hold about 45 litres. That is one big bottle. Also has its cork.

photo 006_0.jpg

photo 007_0.jpg

photo 008_0.jpg

ART DECO cigarette dispenser globe revolving musical

Item number: 01022308

Price: $85

This stunning Art Deco musical cigarette dispenser that opens up by lifting the top (see photos). It is also musical and is supposed to rotate as the music plays. I have opened up the bottom and one of the clogs is stuck. Someone with a little time and patience might be able to restore this. Irrespective of this it is quite stunning as it is. It is stands 20.5 cms tall unopened and 32.5 cms opened.

photo 023_0.jpg

Oriental scupture: boys playing on Ox

Item number: 08022121

Price: $80

Glazed oriental scupture of ox and boys playing. This is a very haevy piece for its size...feels more like stone than clay (??). In excellent condition 17 cms x 10 cms x 10.5 cms high. Stunning sculpture.

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