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photo 090_0.jpg

Cougar belt buckle

Item number: 20112344

price: $30

Old Cougar Bourbon Whisky belt buckle, approximately 8.5 cms x 6 cms.

mirrorbrush 001_0.jpg

Silver mirror and brush set

Item number: 03112113

Price: $75

This is a stunning silver (I think it is plated but it is rather heavy) mirror and brush set, with ornate pattern on backs and handles. They are in excellent, as new condition, and would stand out on your dressing table. The mirror is 24 cms long.

mirrorbrush 002_0.jpg

Ornate vintage brass mirror and brush set

Item number: 03112121

Price: $90

This is an elegant vintage C 1910 brush and mirror set with ornate brass work on handles and back. The backs are also fitted with that 100 yaer old plastic (forgot it's name). The mirror is 32 cms long. The hair/bristles on the brush as woven into a block of wood which is typical of the Victorian/Edwardian era.

mirrorbrush 004_0.jpg

early sterling silver Victorian clothes brush c 1849

Item number: 03112128

Price: $85

This is an old sterling silver clothes brush. The silver back is dated from its hallmark to be made in Birmingham in 1925. It is in excellent condition overall for its age. The brush is still very functional. The hairs on the brush are woven into a block of wood. The only problem is that the silver back plate comes off occasionally, but clicks back into place, and you might want to glue it on properly. This is a minor problem.

pictures 025_0.jpg

2 x vintage clothes brushes, Art Deco

Item number: 06112111

Price: $85 each

I have two of these stunning clothes brushes...both exactly the same. They look brand new even though they was made in 1939. It was given "to Bob from Mum" on "Feb 3rd 39"....looks like Bob did not use them at all. They are typical Art Deco with a walnut veneer back, and stainless steel edging. The hairs are woven into a piece of wood as is the case with fine brushes. I kid you not, these are in AS NEW condition. The name plate, which were made of 9 ct gold have been removed and reprocessed. The brushes are 11.5 cms x 5.5 cms x 3.5 cms.

pictures 015_0.jpg

Gorgeous old hair brush, comb and mirror set

Item number: 06112122

Price: $140

vintage/antique mirror, hair brush and comb set, with ornate flower decoration on backs. The hair in the brush is woven into a thick piece of glass and plastic or glass and can be removed for cleaning. The mirror is bevelled and in very good condition. The mirror is 34 cms long (that's quite big), the brish is 25 cms long and the comb is 20 cms long. The items look to be gold plated to me. They are stunning and would complement any dressing table. They would make an ideal Christmas gift for someone too.

pictures 019_0.jpg

Tall-ish stainless steel shaving mirror

Item number: 06112239

Price: $115

This is a nice good old tall-ish stainless steel shaving mirror. good height if you are sitting at a desk....don't you hate the ones you have to bend over for. It has a mirror on both sides, not sure if one is a bit bigger (concave) or not. It is in very good condition, and stands 40 cms tall.

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