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photo 037_0.jpg

Pewter vase or oil bottle (?)

Item number: 07030106

Price: $30

A stunning Art Deco style kiln-shaped pewter vase (?) or oil bottle made in Norway (stamped). stands 17.5 cms tall.

Contray to popular belief fine pewter (and pewter made today) contains no lead...the main ingredient is tin (85%)Sn, then 6-7% copper, 6% Bismuth and 1-2% Antimony (symbol Sb). Some early 19th century layman pewter contained 4% to 20% lead. Also contrary to popular belief small qualties of laed are required by the body in its biological functioning, and the main poisoning effect of lead (not that most pewters contain lead anyhow) is in the impairment of brain development in infants.

Bronze is made from copper and tin and is highly priced compared to brass, which is made from copper and zinc. The main reason is that tin is expensive. Since most pewter is more than 80% tin (Sn) it is clearly undervalued...mainly because of the lead scare, but as noted most pewter does not even contain lead, contrary to popular belief

Some of my pewter was/is also located in "metalware"...before I started this new category.

photo 024_0.jpg

Aksel Holmsey pewter bowl

Item number: 07030317

Price: $40

A small pewter fruit or sweets bowl with Art Nouveau decoration to the sides....made by Alsel Holmsey (Norway). The diameter of the bowl is 16 cms and it stands 6 cms high.

photo 036_0.jpg

Pewter bowl, jug and saucers

Item number: 07030328

Price: $55

Stunning hand-beaten pewter bowl and jug, each with their own saucer. The jug and bowl are stamped underneath "HANDMADE PEWTER NORWAY. DESIGN TROND". They have a diameter of 7 cms and stand 4 cms high. The saucers are stamped "PEWTER JORGEN JENSEN DENMARK...29". The bowl and jug possibly serve as a sugar and cream set.

photo 029_0.jpg

Dutch pewter decorated tablespoon

Item number: 07030340

Price: $15

A nice pewter decorated spoon (storks and Chinese kitchen scene) made in Holland by Volendam (stamped with an angel)....22 cms long. The spoon may serve as a 'tablespoon' for cooking purposes. Would look great in an old kitchen.

photo 039_0.jpg

small pewter condiment bowl

Item number: 07030344

Price: $10

A small pewter condiment bowl, diameter 10.5 cms. height 2 cms, no makers name, decorated with Viking and/or egyptian figures. In the photograph it is the object on the right...the object on the left is NOT INCLUDED in this sale.

photo 039_0.jpg

Fine pewter condiment lidded pot

Item number: 07030703

Price: $45

Fine pewter lidded condiment pot manufactured by John Somers Pewter of Brazil, which produces some of the best historical pewter reproductions in the world. Meticulous care is taken to ensure that each piece is a faithful, museum-quality replica of a period artifact. Many pieces are based on artifacts in the JS Pewter collection. Each lead-free pewter replica bears the maker's marks JS X MG, which is stamped on the lid. Comes with a small bone spoon. The bowl stands at 5.5 cms high to lid, with a thumb lift.

photo 030_0.jpg

Selangor pewter drink rests

Item number: 07030706

Price: $35

5 Selangor pewter drink rests in original box.

Copy of photo 079_0.jpg

rare Art Nouveau pewter dish, c1900

Item number: MET12042357

Price: $75

A lovely Art Nouveau pwter serving dish with twisted handles. Has a very typical Art Nouveau shape with some decorations. It is 29 x 15 x 5 cms.

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