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photo 019_0.jpg

Australian pottery vase, stunning grain look

Item number: 02020035

Price: $35

A stunning little Australian pottery vase. The colours and pattern remond me of huon pine grain. Stands about 8.5 cms tall, in excellent condition, though there seems to be one weak spot of glaze on the bottom edge.



Australian Pottery Vase with Gumnuts SIGNED

Item number: POT13040041

Price: $55

A stunning Australian Pottery vase with gumnut design...the outside is unglazed whereas the inside is. The outside is also sort of gauzed or something, so it looks like cardboard...hard to explain...hope photo helps.

It is a very nice vase indeed, and is obviously Australian given the gumnuts etc..

It stands 23 cms tall, and is in excellent condition. I have no idea about its age.

The name on the bottom looks like Ivy Mount or something like that. I cannot make it out so I have taken a photo of it.

photo 024_0.jpg

photo 027_0.jpg

Stunning vintage parrot 'frog'

Item number: POT04072359

Price: $70

This is a stunning flower/vase 'frog' in the shape of a blue parrot. Beautifully done and glazed...I do not know the precise age of this but it looks rather old, looking at the clay is certainly not a repro. The figure stands about 23 cms tall (or 9"), and is in excellent chips or cracks. It looks like something was written just inside/underneath the ornamnet but it has faded away.

photo 054_0.jpg

rare Victorian or 18th century possibly Wedgewood jelly mould

Item number: POT13072223

Price: $50

This is an early Victorian jelly has a few cracks in it and a couple of chips but is such a rare find....most were simply thrown away. It is 15 cmsx x 13.5 cms x 8 cms high. The bottomis not marked but most of these were made by Wedgewood pottery...and there is a good chance that this is actually 18th century because I have seen a very similar one to this was actually stamped will not believe what that sold for....belonged to a fellow dealer.

photo 178_0.jpg

LARGE Studio Ceramic Pyramid Vase

Item number: POT21072329

Price: $135

This is a super large studio veramic ptramid vase...and I mean stands 51 cms tall....I put a normal sized vase alongside it for the photo. It has something inscibed on the sides...not sure if it means anything. The bottom is also signed "Hogges 89". The vase is very heavy (probably over 5 kgs). It is in good condition but has been repaired on the bottom....either firing defects and/or water damage over time....still a grande art vase.

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