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pictures 010_0.jpg

Remude(?)-style Australian pottery vase

Item number: 06112254

Price: $40 NFS atm

This is a lovely Australian pottery vase. There is something scratched out on the bottom but I cannot make out what it says. It may well be a Remude vase but as I cannot tell I am not pricing it as such. It stands nearly 12 cms tall and is very solid. There is a small (tiny) chip in the lip but this was there when it was made as the glaze goes into it.

photo 017_0.jpg

Tall genuine German Stein AS NEW

Item number: 18111741

Price: $60

Genuine German beer stein in mint condition, maybe never been actually used, with applied hunting scenes and fitted with a white metal top. Stands 28 cms tall, and is marked as made in germany on the bottom.

me 042_0.jpg

Hoffman Australian pottery vase

Item number: 18111753

Price: $195 NFS atm

This is a stunning Australian pottery vase made by Hoffman Australia, standing 16.5 cms tall, in excellent condition bar a tiny loss of glaze on one part of the lip. The diameter of the vase is 10.5 cms at the top. Nice heavy solid vase, that will not topple over when you add flowers. The Hoffamn style seems to resemble that of Remude pottery (highly sought-after), and was made in the 1930-1950 period (this vase I think dates to the 1930s...certainly in style).

me 027_0.jpg

Amazing clay spherical bottle vase

Item number: 01121805

Price: $95

A very nice and very unusual sherical shaped clay bottle vase with glazed neck. Quite stunning, with a very Earthy appear, and very solid (won't fall over when you put the flowers inside). The vase stands about 20 cms high. In excellent condition.

photo 011_0.jpg

Eastern mystery object

Item number: 01122812

Price: $120

I haven't quite worked out what this is. It could be a water bottle, a hot water bottle come kettle, or even a basis for a hooker pipe. It has a little lid as well, and stands about 28 cms tall. In excellent condition for its age.

photo 018_0.jpg

Australian pottery Alison Art ware vase

Item number: 02020019

Price: $45

This is a stunning Australian Pottery vase made by Alison Art ware, decorated in native leaves and flowers, standing nearly 13 cms high, in good condition overall (some petals are unfortunately broken but this is ecpected of posey bunches...not really noticeable and can be patched), with original sticker.

photo 017_0.jpg

Australian pottery vase with rose

Item number: 02020025

Price: $55

This Austrlain pottery vase has some similarities to a Remued vase except that it has an attached rose instead of the gum nuts and leaves. One of the petals of the rose has been damaged but this can be patched. Otherwise it is in excellent condition, standing 9.5 cms tall.

photo 020_0.jpg

Australian pottery vase with two handles

Item number: 02020032

Price: $43 NFS atm

An Australian pottery vase with two handles and drip glazing in two colours, brown and cream. In excellent condition. Bottonm is stamped "Made in Australia" but tehre is no makers name evident. Stands nearly 9 cms high, in excellent condition.

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