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Tableware & Cutlery

photo 010cutt_0.jpg

6+6 fish knives and forks, EPNS

Item number: TAB31051959

Price: $120

6 EPNS fish knives and 6 forks, made by RODD. Lovely patterned handles.

photo 008cutt_0.jpg

5 berry spoons plus matching serving spoon

Item number: TAB31052110

Price: $135

5 lovely berry spoons with a matching serving spoon. The serving spoon is 23.5 cms long.

photo 012cutt_0.jpg

cutlery set, for 5, mostly by Paramount

Item number: TAB31052233

Price: $240

A nice cutlery set consisting of 6 stainless steel knives with ivorine handles, made by Grosvenor, 5 desert/teaspoons made by Paramount, 5 soup spoons made by Paramount, a pair of salad servers, 5 forks made by Paramount, plus one spare small fork (use for serving). In very good condition.

I just found another large serving spoon that goes with this set...not shown in photo but included in this sale.


6 lovely glass drinks coasters

Item number: 26121833

Price: $90

Six lovely glass drinks coasters depicting scenes of vintage cars. They are fitted with a velvet -ike bottom. Glass is a good insulator.

photo 003_0.jpg

Dining place mats depicting art of John Constable

Item number: 26121850

Price: $70

A collection of various dining table place mats, including 6 dinner-plate mats, 4 serving-plate mats, and 5 drink coasters. It looks like one of the drink mats is missing, but you always get one person not drinking at a dinner party. The sizes of the mats are: 11.5 cms x 9.5 cms, 21.5 cms x 19 cms, and 28.5 cms x 21.5 cms. THEY ALL EXHIBIT THE ART OF JOHN CONSTABLE, a noted English artist. Some of the coasters are stained here and there as would be expected of old coasters, but generally the set is in very good condition. The main structural material used in these coasters is compressed cork, a great insulator.

photo 001_0.jpg

12 zodiac drink coasters

Item number: 26121855

Price: $50

This is a bit of a novelty. Twelve zodiac drink coasters in excellent condition. They are 11.5 cms square and all have velvet on the bottom. The structural part of the coasters seems to be a woody material.

photo 021cut_0.jpg

34 piece vintage cutlery set for 6

Item number: TAB22060003

Price: $225

A 34 piece vintage cutlery set, for 6 people, plus 4 large serving spoons. The knives are all stainless steel.

photo 126_0.jpg

Segmented Retro serving tray

Item number: TAB22070122

Price: $150

This is a fabulous RETRO segmented Hors D'Oeuvres tray, in lovely retro colours. The various pieces sit inside a black ceramic dish, which can also be used for food presentation. This item is in excellent condition. The diameter of the tray is about 30 cms. A stunning piece. Will not disappoint.

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