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large old ROBUR No.1, 5 lbs tea tin embossed on 6 sides

Item number: 12021717

Price: $175 

This is the best tin I have ever is embossed on all sides...even on the lid and a bit on the bottom...two of the sides contain the analyst's report from NSW, Queensland, Vicoria, Tasmania and unbelievable is in very good condition for its age....the tin is 16.5 cms x 18.5 cms x 23 cms high.

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photo 037_0.jpg

c1900 tin bath

Item number: 12021742

Price: $280

This is an old tin bath c1900-1910 in good condition, no major rust. On one side it reads "Changi" may have come form the notorious Changi WWII prison camp, or may be the name of a Chinese gold miner or Chinese owner. On the other side it reads "Jaroca Red Chang", which suggest to me that it may have belonged to a chinese miner. The size of the tin bath is approximately 88 x 60 x 33 cms high.


Australiana embossed Bushells tea tin

Item number: TIN19082342

Price: $145

A lovely old embossed Australiana bushells tea tin...has embossed koala, emu, kangaroo and kookaburra on the 4 very good condition...just a tiny bit of surface rust here and there. this is a very collectable tin.,,,the tin stands about 17 cms tall.


old tinplate vintage car toy Made Japan

Item number: TIN21082039

price: $195

This is a lovely old tinplate vintage car made in Japan.

It is in excellent aged condition...just some surface rust and dirt...I do not think there is anything missing or broken....straight from a deceased estate auction....not even cleaned yet.

It is mainly made of tin but there are some plastic and rubber bits...look at photos.

The dimensions of the car are approximately 22 x 12 x 12 cms.

There is a name on the top of the radiator...may say Ford but I am not sure...isn't 1917 when they made the first autobmobiles?

When you push/roll the car forward it has an 'engine' box which makes an engine sound....cute!

I have lots of other vintage Japanese tin toys for sale under "toys"....just thought I would put one in here.


Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin

Item number: TIN23082336

Price: $95

This is a lovely very collectable old octagonal shaped Huntey & Palmers biscuit tin titled robins...has 8 pictures of robins on the sides (4 different pictures x 2) 2 robins and original sticker on top....The tin is in very good condition, just a bit of surface rust inside bottom (not that bad though, like some tins I've seen) is 10.5 cms high and has a diameter of about 14-15 cms, depending if you measure from an edge or a corner.

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