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lovely Art Deco cylindrical shaped cigarette case

Item number: TOB02110055

Price: $120

This is a lovely gold-plated Art Deco cigarette case in a circular/elliptical cylinder shape. In excellent aged condition. It is marked "Made in England", "69" (?), and "KIGU"


small Ronson pocket petrol/flint lighter

Item number: TOB02110058

Price: $90

This is a lovely little Ronson petrol/flint pocket lighter. So quaint. It is about 4.5 cms x 3.5 cms x 1.25 cms.


Imco petrol/flint lighter, Streamline

Item number: TOB02110101

Price: $45

A lovely old vintage Imco Streamline petrol/flint lighter.


Imco Super Triplex petrol/flint lighter

Item number: TOB02110104

Price: $60

A lovely vintage Imco Triplex Super 6700 petrol/flint lighter.

photo 029_1.jpg

photo 028_1.jpg

9 ct solid gold cigarette case belonging to H Leslie Kent c1923, Jandaryan Station

Item number: TOB14071441

Price: $5750

A truly magnificant 9 ct gold (stamped) cigarette case, with the inscription "L.K. FROM GRAN XMAS 1923". The case also has writting scratched on both sides of the inside. On one face is says "Finder, Please return tio H. Leslie Kent, Jondaryan". On the other side it reads, "H leslie Kent, Jondaryan". This started me on an internet search and I found out that Jondaryan is a wool station in Queensland close to Toowoomba. The station started in the 1840's, and

"Jondaryan has a special association with the Kent family, who owned the homestead property for over 100 years. The family became sub-lessees in 1858, and co-owners of the property in 1863. The company the Kents helped found, Jondaryan Estates, of which the Jondaryan run was a significant component, developed into one of Queensland’s largest pastoral companies."

"In 1863, Kent and Weinholt acquired Jondaryan station from the Tooth brothers for £108,000 and they formed a company, which they ultimately called Jondaryan Estates."

I have no doubt that this cigarette case belonged to one of the ancestors of William Kent, as he assumnes they will find him so easily by simply saying he is from Jondaryan, and that he planned to stay there as well.

I also found out that Hugh. Leslie Kent was
2nd Lieut Hugh Leslie KENT, Toowoomba, and is listed as killed or injured during the war (WWI). We know he was just injured because his gran gave him the case in 1923, and the war ended in 1919. Toowoomba is the next biggest town to Jandaryan Station, so this is obviously him.

Here are some other links to history about Jandaryan Station, or you can find you own by searching the Internet. link3 link4 link5

The case weighs about 68 gms, and is about 7.5 cms x 8 cm, and about 0.5 cms thick. It is in very good aged condition, just a few little dints here and there.

The front of the case has a lion and the motto " Le Roi et L'Etat", which I believe translates to THE KING AND STATE.

This is a superb gold case. You will not see many gold cases, and one so rich in history and prominence.

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