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Toys & Games

photo 014_0.jpg

Vintage 1950s tin toy spinning top, W. Germany

Item number: 03020048

Price: $80

A lovely tin toy spinning top made in West germany, from 1950s or 60s era I think, maybe older. Made by LBZ, and depicting travel by ir, sea, road and rail. I am not sure if the character in the pics is supposed to be someone special. In excellent condition. The diameter is approximately 16.5 cms.


Vintage toy or model rocking horse

Item number: 03020104

Price: $59

A nicely made vintage toy or model rocking horse. great as a decoration in a child's room. Stands 21 cms high and 29 cms long.

photo 015a_0.jpg

photo 010_0.jpg

Genuine antique CAST IRON MONEY BOX teddy & bear, c1900

Item number: 12021529

Price: $350

This is an old cast iron money box called "Teddy and the Bear". I am uncertain of its age, but it could well go back to the turn of the century.

The money box has a novelty in that you place the coin on the end of the rifle, load it, and when you press the metal bit on the base (see photo) it fires the coin into the the same time the bear jumps out from the tree stump. THIS IS IN WORKING ORDER,

The size of the money box is 23 cms long nad 18 cms high.

As you can see from the photographs it has aged gracefully.

The Australian Antique Guides (Carters) price this at about $700-800 AUS.

photo 004s_0.jpg

photo 005s_0.jpg

Two vintage (c1950?) celluloid dolls

Item number: TOY23032359

Price: $145

Two vintage celluloid dolls in very good condition. They are about about 31 cms long. With dresses. They have lovely blue glass eye which close when they lie down.



vintage Japanese wind up dog toy clockwork tin plate

Item number: TOY19062044

Price: $90

This is an old Japanese (says MADE IN JAPAN) wind-up dog in a basket.

When wound up it moves around (like peeking) then moves up out of the basket, shows itself, and barks (more of a yelp).

In very good condition. Stands about 23.5 cms tall.

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