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Toys & Games

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photo 169_0.jpg

LARGE Horny clockwork train set with LOTS of extras

Item number: TOY05041532

Price: POA

sold as whole or will separate

This is a superb condition very old (1930s or older I think) LARGE Hornby clockwork (wind up) train set, complete with station and lots of other extras, like rolling stock, crossings, extra tracks, points, signals, etc. I CANNOT SHOW YOU ALL THAT THERE IS IN THE PHOTOS. I HAVE DONE A SEARCH ON EBAY AND THE STATION ALONE IS WORTH $150/200 + POSTAGE, AND SO IS THE ENGINE. SOME OF THE STUFF, OBVIOUSLY BOUGHT AS EXTRAS TO THE ORIGINAL KIT/SET, IS ALSO IN THE ORIGINAL PACKETS. Close offers only please. I have recently acquired another train engine plus more rolling stock and track. Happy to separate bits as required, or make a complete list of what I have to a keen buyer.

pictures 018_0.jpg

3D pin toy

Item number: TOY06112103

Price: $75

This is a 3D pin toy, where the pins take the shape of the object they are placed over, my hand in the photo. One corner was broken when I found it, but it has been repaired now. This toy really is a lot of fun.

me 009_0.jpg

Vintage tin toy, TWA jet, made Japan

Item number: 12111126

Price: $240

These Japanese tin toys, from the 1950s I think, are very well made and very collectable. They command very high prices even in damaged condition. This is a TWA tin plane/jet in very good condition. Measures 42 cms long with a wing span of 36 cms. Would look really nice in a boys room on top of a chest of drawers. This model is sought-after because it has the pull-down stairs and hostess waiting feature.

me 010_0.jpg

Vintage tin toy sewing machine SEW-ETTE, made Japan

Item number: 12111133

Price: $90

This is another one of those very collectable Japanese tin toys from the 1950s and 60s. It is a battery operated sewing machine, quite realistic too, called SEW-ETTE. It is in good condition (just a few rust spots here and there as shown in photo), and mesaurse 16.5 cms x 9 cms x 11.5 cms high. I haven't put any batteries in it to see it still works, but even if not working they are simple to fix.

photo 010_0.jpg

HUGE Vintage TONKA Fire Engine Rescue Truck tin toy

Item number: 03120244

Price: $100

This is a lovely large tin toy fire truck engine rescue truck. It measures 44 cms (that is 17.5") long, 19 cms high and 15 cms wide, not including the crane/hose extension, which swivels and extends up to 73 cms. It is in very good condition, but may have originally come with a hose...I do not know. I just acquired this from a deceased estate. It has lots of writing over it like, BURNTWOOD FIRE DEPT (that's a funny name, huh?), SNORKEL UNIT 3, FIRE RESCUE 3, FIRE3 (licence plate), and of course TONKA.

photo 012_0.jpg

Vintage Tonka toy metal crane

Item number: 15120216

price: $40

This crane extends up to 35 cms. made in reasonable condition for age....very collectable.

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