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photo 021_0.jpg

Solid oak small ornate serving tray

Item number: 25112011

Price: $75

Oak serving tray with gallery and turned handles. Looks to be form the 1910 period. Yje sides and bottom as well, are sold oak...the metal bits look to be brass. Would clean up raelly nice. The size of the tray is 23 cms x 33 cms.

photo 022_0.jpg

large oak serving tray from the 1920's

Item number: 25112014

Price: $50

The sides of this large serving tray are made of oak, and the bottom is ply, probably oak ply. This seems to be from the 1920's. Would clean up really nice once some of that old dark polish is removed. The tray is 43 cms x 53 cms.

photo 007_0.jpg

Huon pine sugar bowl

Item number: 29121935

Price: $135 $95

This is a huon pine sugar bowl. For those who know anything about wood, huon pine is the rarest (only grows in Huon Valley, Tasmania, and can no longer be harvested...only recycled Huon Pine, or that dredged from the Huon River can be used), most sought-after and most beautiful timbers in the world. It has a sweet smell and a very tight grain, often with tiny birds-eye knots. This bowl has a diameter of 12 cms and a height of 8.5 cms.

photo 004_0.jpg

4 Huon pine coasters, stunning grain

Item number: 29121937

Price: $80 $60

Four houn pine coasters....stunning grain. Originally these coasters had velvet on the other side but no longer. They have a diameter of about 11 cms.

photo 008_0.jpg

Vintage octagonal (stamp?) box

Item number: 29121941

Price: $40

A vintage octagonal (stamp?) box. I am not sure what the wood is. Has a diameter of 9 cms and a height just over 3.5 cms. Fitted with brass hinge.

photo 010_0.jpg

photo 009_0.jpg

Intricately carved gorgeous cork trinket box

Item number: 29121945

Price: $125

An absolutely stunning, intricately carved cork trinket box...diameter 8.5 cms, height nearly 5 cms. The detail in this is nothing short of amazing. Cork is an extremely rare wood...they are slowing replacing its use in wine bottles because it is becoming scarse.

photo 006_0.jpg

Beautiful symmetric design wooden lidded bowl

Item number: 29121953

Price: $135

A superb design lidded bowl...could be used as sugar bowl or trinket bowl. I am not sure of the dark timber used in this piece (may be rose wood)...the lighter timber appears to be kauri pine. To make such a piece requires an enormous amount of work in gluing the various timbers together perfectly and then turning them. The bowl has a diameter of 13 cms and a height of 10.5 cms. the lid fits the bowl tightly as one would like.

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