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Brass Art Deco ashtray or cigar tray or desk trinket dish

Item number: 18111645

Price: $30

Nice brass Art Deco ashtray or a cigar tray with applied enamelled flowers. In very good condition, with a diameter of 12 cms and height of 3.5 cms. Quite stunning really. Would also look nice on an office desk to keep paper clips in. Someone before me (I'm lazy) has done a bit of work cleaning and polishing it.

photo 009_0.jpg

6 English Pewter mugs

Item number: 30112256

Price: $60

Set of 6 pewter mugs, 10 cms tall, made by "English Pewter". These would look great with a bit of a polish, and they are very collectable too.This pewter is lead free. 

photo 011_0.jpg

Large pewter mug, made Sheffield England

Item number: 30112322

Price: $30

A large pewter mug, 13 cms tall (compare to small one in photo) made in Sheffield England, hallmarked on botton, with lovely shaped handle. Outstanding!Imagine drinking your cold beers from this huge mug. 

photo 010_0.jpg

Pewter wine goblet and jug, SELANGUR

Item number: 30112328

Price: $70

A lovely pewter wine goblet and wine jug (this is a rare find). The jug has a 2 dents in small on side and on top lip (see photo) but these can be shaped out again. Just imagine filling your jug with wine and sitting under a tree drinking it. The nice thing about pewter, besides looking good when polished, is that it is haevy and will not fall over easily....I am not sure about you but wine glasses always seem to fall over on me, after a few.

photo 064_0.jpg

4 Pewter vases

Item number: 30112339

price: $45

3 pewter vases, smaller ones made by SELANGOR, and larger HONGERN PEWTER SINGAPORE. The tall one has an especially haevy base and is quite stable. the tallest is 20.5 cms tall, shortest (which could be used as an oil jug too) is 10 cms tall.

photo 012_1.jpg

Genuine London Pewter mug

Item number: 30112342

Price: $20

Pewter mug with glass bottom, stamped "Genuine London Pewter, By Paramount", 10 cms high.

photo 016_0.jpg

Stylish Stainless Steel teapot, Grosvenor

Item number: 30112346

Price: $45

A very stylish satinless steel kettle made in Japan for Grosvenor (the knife and fork people). It has a hinged lid (handy), a very stylish handle and a nice thin spout which also has an inbuilt filter. This is quite classy.

photo 033_0.jpg

Singapre Airlines pewter (lead free) cup

Item number: 01121609

Price: $30

Lead free (97% tin) pewter cup made for SINGAPORE AIRLINES, with Certificate of Authenticity. 8 cms high. Nicely crafted with Asian ladies on side.

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