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G&W21Oct2005 003_0.jpg

vintage WAGR oil/oiling can

Item number: 03111441

Price: $60

This is a vintage West Australain Government Railways oil/oiling can. It would have been used on the old locomotives and stream engines. It is in good condition (slight rust...expected) and measures 42 cms long.

1st Oct 2005 011_0.jpg

vintage 1930's brazing glasses

Item number: 03111446

Price: $70

I believe these are green-tinted 1930's or 1940'2 brazing glasses, although I was told they were aviator glasses when I bought them. They are in excellent condition, and the side flaps fold in when not in use. They are quite rare.

tools 003_0.jpg

7 early 20th century medical surgical tools

Item number: 03111455

Price: $125

These are early 20th century medical surgical tools. You can recognise the blood vessal clamps, but I am not sure what the other tools were used for. There are 7 tools in all. They are in excellent condition, and the largest measures 24 cms long. They are very rare and very collectable...they rarely come up for sale.

Hayes18Oct2005 008_0.jpg

6 old dental tools

Item number: 03111458

Price: $80

These are old dental tools. There are 3 drill like instruments and couple of poking type instrunents and a tooth extractor. They are quite sophisticated tools as you will appreciate on close examination. Some are made in Germany, and it appears to me some expensive alloys have been used in their construction. I do not know if they still work, but guess they do.

pics 002_0.jpg

vintage Stanley No. 5 plane

Item number: 06111618

Price: $160

Stanley planes are very collectable. This is a Stanley No. 5 plane in very good condition, bottom is flat (no warps), no cracks in handles, adjuster mechanism works, etc. The plane measures 14 inches or 36 cms long, would clean up really nice....been sitting in an old man's shed for years.

photo 004_0.jpg

photo 002_0.jpg

old Stanley (Bailey) No. 7 plane

Item number: 16112238

Price: $180

This is a big plane, a Stanley bailey No. 7, also says "made in can", guess that refers to Canada. the handles look to be in good order (no cracks or spilts), the bottom is flat, and the adjsuting mechanism seems to work. This plane came out of a deceased estate from Albany, who was a clock maker. The plane is 22 inches (56 cms) long, and I'd say the plane is in very good condition. Like I said before Stanley planes are very collectable if not useful. This came with a couple of extra blades and I'm throwing them in as well.

photo 006_0.jpg

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