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Tableware & Cutlery


Grosvenor Plate cutlery set in box

Item number: TAB04061809

Price: $550

A superb cutlery set for 6 in its original box. The spoons and forks are Grosvenor Plate, the small berry spoons are Silverpride and the knives are all Sheffield Stainless Steel. Some 47 pieces of cutlery, including a carving knife and fork, a steel sharpener, and two large serving spoons.

I think I may have sold this and forgot to mark it so on website. hmm. I have other cutlery sets anyhow, and I will relook this one up if you are interested.



Pressed glass silverplated head dolphin peanut dispenser

Item number: TAB02040116

Price: $75

Someone told me this may be an old peanut dispenser.

It is in the shape if a dolphin. You load the inside with peanuts and get the peanuts from the open mouth of the dolphin. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE SO IT MUST BE RARE AND UNUSUAL. A VERY INTERESTING ITEM INDEED. I PRIDE MYSELF ON TRYING TO SELL INTERESTING AND UNUSUAL ITEMS NOW.

The glass looks pressed and is full of lot and lots of tiny bubbles. The head looks to be silver coated and is made of a hard light plastic-y material.

The length of the dispenser is close to 24 cms long.

If it is a peanut dispenser, you won't have to worry about people dipping their dirty hands into the peanuts (like when in a bowl).


2 antique silverplate knife rests

Item number: TAB13041404

Price: $40

A pairs of knife rests are not easy to come by. You often see just one. Each of these knife rests is about 8 cms long. They are very good condition overall. One of the ends of one is a bit bent, and you may want to bend it back. No big deal....I can do it for you.

Knife and fork double set carved ivory WR Humphreys & Co 1889

Item number: TAB07031547
Price: $3000

This superb set is a one-off. Carved ivory handles, etched steel. Hallmarked to W, R. HUMPHREYS Sheffield c1889. Comes in original box, veneered in ebony wood. Actually, I now believe it is Caramanel wood, which is a select wood from India/SE Asia, and was used in veneers in the period 1850/1900. It is missing a brass or gold badge in middle. You could get one made up. I might even get around to it one day. A piece of huon pine has been inserted as the shield. There is a second knife and fork set underneath, with the more ornate set on top. The box has a lock and escutcheon. I have never seen such one-off hand carved handles like these and the etching on the stainless steel blades is exceptionally detailed for the 1890s. I had no idea how to price this other than think of workmanship and rarity. YOU WILL NEVER SEE SOMETHING LIKE THIS AGAIN. A tint bit on venneer is missing from the back top as shown in the last photo. Just in the corner. The yellow streak is a part of caramanel wood. I think it would look better if some of dark stain was removed.


silver-plated salt/mustard pot/inkwell with blue glass insert

Item TAB21041511

Price: $50

This is nice little salt or mustard pot with a blue glass liner. It is 4 cms high and in excellent condition. Has an Art Deco look about it.

Looking at it closely (flared shape at bottom) and feeling the weight, it also makes me think it may well be an inkwell.


6 porcelain QANTAS Napkin Rings Wedgewood gold trim

Item number: TAB26040123

Price: $145

Six porcelain napkin rings made by Wedgwood, exclusively for Qantas excellent condition...they are white in colour (don't believe the digital camera) and have two gilded gold lines on them. They are flat on one side so they can be stood up as in photo...I can only imagine that someone stole them from first class...or worked for Qantas...they are very nice indeed, and a great collector's item.

photo 014_0.jpg

photo 015_0.jpg

Complete and comprehenwsive tableware cutlery set for 6

Item number: TAB15052140

Price: $395

This is a very nice complete plated cutlery set for 6, in excellent condition, consisting of 12 forks (6 small and 6 large), plus 12 Knifes (6 small and 6 large), 6 desert spoons, 6 soup spoons, and 2 serving spoons. That is 38 pieces of cutlery in all. It is difficult to find complete sets like this in such good condition.

All the spoons, and all the forks are marked with "GROVENOR EPNS SUPER A1". The larger knives are made by George Butler & Co., Sheffield England, and the smaller knives are marked "Astor" Firth Brearley. All the knife blades are stainless steel and the handles appear to be ivorine or xylonite (an early hard plastic type of material).

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