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Hayes18Oct2005 013_0.jpg

LARGE silver-plated serving tray with ornate engraving

Item number: 19102121

Price: $100

This fairly large silver-plated serving tray. I am not sure why it is, but you get a lot more teasets than serving trays. This is a very good solid tray,measuring 54 cms x 34 cms. The photograph does not really show the detail of the ornate engraving on the tray.

GW14Oct2005 018_0.jpg

Silver plated and pressed glass biscuit or sweets basket

Item number 19102334

Price: $50

The beautifully patterened press glass sits in a trellis and bone chain plated frame on 4 ball feet. The dimensions of the basket are: 20 cms x 13 cms. The silver on this could do with a bit of a clean.

photo 001_1.jpg

photo 003_0.jpg

Stunning VICTORIAN very ornate silver comport, made by WENDT

Item number: 26111619

Price: $1500

Stunning silver-plate VICTORIAN comport, made by J.M Wendt of Adelaide. Wendt arrived in Adelaide in 1854 and set up a precious metal/silver business. There is more information on the Internet.

This is a vintage and historical piece that was sort from me by the South Austrlain museum, but I think they essentially wanted me to donate it to them. I saw a silver-plated goblet by Wendy go for $2000 on ebay. The comport stands at 11 cms tall and measures 36 cms from handle to handle. This is a magificant and very ornate Victorian silver comport

Denmark-born J.M. Wendt came to Australia and became one of its most famous 19 century silversmiths. Queen Victoria commissioned a number of presentation pieces by Mr.Wendt which where presented to various recipients by crown.

J.M. Wendt served Australia and England making extraordinary works from silver. He had his own store with a large variety of silver objects. He is best known for his detailed artwork in silver, in particular for silver-mounted emu egg presentation pieces.

Most of Wendt's original surviving works are now held in museums and private collections. His work rarely comes on the market, and when it does it commands high prices. Recently an emu egg inkwell was listed starting at $14,000 on ebay.

This piece is in excellent condition and is an extraordinary example of art and silver workmanship. Authenticity guaranteed.

photo 007a_0.jpg

Two matching EPNS serving bowls with handle and glass pyrex insert

Item number: 01120042

Price: $50

Two matching silverplate EPNS smll serving bowls with glass inserts. The silverware is made by Hecworth and the glass is stamped Agee Pyrex, Made in Australia". These are a bit of a find and would be great for taht formal dinner. the cups/bowls are 4 cms high with a diameter of 8 cms. One of the glass bowls has some small chips on the inside of the lip.

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