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antique sterling silver cut glass/crystal perfume bottle with pump spray (working)

Item number: PER07051010

Price: $275

This is an old (antique) cut glass (or crystal) perfume bottle, fitted with a pump and spray nozzle marked PAT. 26264958. The top of the bottle is marked "sterling silver" (see photos). I filled the bottle with water and the pump works.  As it is marked sterling silver, I assume it is American. The cut glass bottle has shoulders with 4 beautifully engraved flowers and leaves running sideways around the bottle, and ribbing at the bottom. I do not see any damage anywhere. No chips and no cracks in glass. there are a couple of tiny dings (hardly significant) in the silver top. The pump unscrews and so does the spray nozzle. The nossle even has a washer. The bottle is about 5 inches tall. In excellent aged condition.  A great collectable or decorative piece, and a fabulous present for someone special.



stunning antique Victorian figural Cavalier dresser tray

Item number: PER17082105

Price $385

This is a fabulous Victorian figural dresser tray. It is gilded or bronzed or brassed. I am not sure which. It is marked GAB NS. I believe the NS stands for nickel silver or what is also called "German silver", which was used in the late 19th century by the Germans as a substitute for silver. It is mainly a nickel alloy. The top of the tray has obviously been brassed or bronzed, and the same for the statue. I believe the entire of the statue is bronze or brass (there is some reddish colouring on the back of the statue which suggests it is bronze. I have tracked the hallmark GAB to be some Swedish company in Stockholm, called Guldsmedsaktiebolaget, which was founded in Eskilstuna in 1869, and eventually evolved into a jewellery store/manufacturer. The piece is a decent size and can hold quite a few items. The tray has a diameter of about 6 inches and the piece stands about 7 inches high. It is a quality heavy piece, which some nice aging. There is a paper/cardboard felt bottom to stop it from scratching your dress. This is an extraordinary handsome piece.


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